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In a Nut's Shell
What was Jesus like as a man,
and what does His death on a cross
over two thousand years ago have to do with us today?
(previously published limited-edition book of Lenten sermons in honor of
Community Church-Congregational (UCC) in Corona del Mar, California,
made available in .pdf format in honor of fellow pilgrims at
Countryside Community Church (UCC) in Omaha, Nebraska)

Seven Commitments of the Christian Life
Seven-part sermon series

The Book of Revelation
A fresh approach to the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Letters to the Seven Churches of Revelation
Seven-part sermon series

Manuscript Mayhem
Dates and details of New Testament Writings

Dimensions of Forgiveness
Four-part sermon series

Peter and the Seven Stages of Conversion
Five-part sermon series

The Beatitudes
Five-part sermon series

"True Paradise"
(from Paul's Letters to the
Philippians and the Colossians)

Six-part sermon series

Spiritual Warfare
Three-part sermon series

The Book of Jude
Five-part sermon series

Gifts of the Spirit
Five-part sermon series

Paul's Letter to The Galatians
Six-part sermon series

Zerubbabel and Second Chances
Four-part sermon series

The Church
Five-part sermon series




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